Reference list preparation guidelines

This guidelines is prepared according to the ICMJE Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts. The recommended style for references is based on the National Information Standards Organization NISO Z39.29-2005 (R2010) Bibliographic References.

The editorial team asks authors to use Vancouver style in AMA modification for reference list formatting. Exactly guidelines for reference list preparation in AMA style you can find on URL: Also, you can use AMA style (JAMA style is the same) in your bibliography manager (EndNote / Mendeley / Zotero / Colwiz / RefMan), but please, add a DOI to all the listing references when it is available.

Sample references typically used by authors of journal articles are provided below with correct format. 

Articles in Journals

 1. Standard journal article (has both the title and the journal’s name translation, with or without doi).

Mammaev MM. Symmetry and asymmetry in forms and decorative finish of Muslim gravestone of the 14 th -15 thcenturies in the village of Kubachi. Herald of the Institute of History, Archaeology and Ethnography. 2017. 13 (4):53-72. (In Rus).

Gmyrya LB., Saidov VA., Magomedov YuA., Saipudinov MSh. Excavations of the newly Monumental Fortification of Sassanid Iran on the river Rubas in 2017. History, Archeology and Ethnography of the Caucasus. 2018. 14 (1):106-121 (In Rus). DOI: 10.24411/2618-6772-2018-10110

2. Standard journal article (has no title or journal’s name translation)

Sterntail S. The Curious Entente Cordial: President Lincoln and Tsar Alexander II.  Rodina. 2012;(5):73-6 (In Rus).

German OB., Botasheva MK., Kryukov PD. State policy in southern Russia: historical and legal analysis. Jurist-Pravoved. 2012;(3):91-5 (In Rus).

3. Publications in electronic journals (no print version)

Kotina Ju.V. The Сontribution of Russian Emigrants to the “Discovery” of the Orthodox Icon by the Europeans.[Internet] Istoriya. 2016; 7(9). DOI: 10.18254/S0001556-0-1. (In Russ).

4. Volumes or issues have own supplement, chapters or special editions

Khalilova AS., Lysenko JM., Gebekov GF., Khashba ASh., Osmaev AD., Mishina NV. The activities of Political Parties and Public Organizations of Abkhazia in 2000-2015 as one of the determining factors in the development of the Country. TOJDAC. 2016; (6, Special Edition):3017-27. DOI: 10.7456/1060nvse/116

Scherbich SN. The Dietary srtructure of the Tobolsk Archbishop Cyprian according to Sources of the 17th Century. Modern problems of Science and Education. 2014; (12, suppl. 8):1795-8 (In Rus).

Elagina AS. Museums as elements of the socio-cultural environment of rural Russia. Culture and Civilization. 2016. 6 (6, Pt B):404-414 (In Rus).

5. Annual publication

Bakushev MA, Gadzhiev MS, Davudov Sh.O., Magomedov RG. Exploration work on the Bavtugay II site of ancient settlement. Archaeological discoveries of 2004. Moscow, 2005:265-6 (In Rus).

Monographs and Collections of Articles

6. A book with one or several futhors

Ramazanova ZB. Culture of nutrition of the peoples of Daghestanin the XIX - early XX century. Makhachkala : Alef, 2018:312 (In Rus).

Shahbanova MM, Lysenko Yu.M, Mamaraev RM. Dagestanskie russkie: istoriko-sociologicheskoe issledovanie. Makhachkala : Alef, 2015:320 (In Rus).

Outlev MG, Bizhev AKh, Gamzatov GG, Gasanov GA, Dzhakhiev GA, Zhdanov Yu.A, Kaziev Sh.M, Karpeev IV, Kasumov AKh, Osmanov AI, Patrakova VF, Pokrovsky NN, Ramazanov Kh.Kh, Khizroev KA, Chernous VV, Shigabudinov DM. Caucasian War: People's Liberation Struggle of Mountaineers of the North Caucasus in the 1820-60's.  Makhachkala : Publishing house "Jupiter",  2006; 520 (In Rus).

7. Books with several editors, compilers, translators

Ibragimov MA, Magomedkhanov MM, compilers. Avars: history. traditions and customs, culture and art of the people. Makhachkala, Dagestan Publishing, 2012:330 (In Rus).

Aliev BG, Dalgat EM, Iskenderov GA, Kaimarazov GSh, Osmanov AI, editors. The history of the centuries-old relationship and the unity of the peoples of Daghestan and Russia. Makhachkala : Daghestan Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences Press, 2009:752 (In Rus).

8. A book has both authors and editors

Aliev BG, Umakhanov MK. Dagestan in the XV-XVI centuries (Questions of historical geography), Shikhsaidov AR, Osmanov AI, Gusayev MM, editors; Makhachkala, Daghestan Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences Press, 2004:496 (In Rus).

9. Chapter or section in a collective monograph, an article in a collection of articles

Gadziev MG. Daghestan, in the epoch of primitive society In: Osmanov AI, editors. History of Dagestan from ancient times to the present day. Vol.1; Moscow : Publishing House "Nauka", 2004:9-15 (In Rus).

Sergeeva G.A. Wedding ceremonies and customs of the peoples of the Botlikh district of Daghestan. In: Anchabadze Yu.D, editor and compl. The peoples of the Caucasus: ethno-cultural traditions and modernization. Collection of articles dedicated to the memory of GA. Sergeeva. Moscow: Tri kvadrata, 2016:31-47 (In Rus).

10. Conference proceedings (no translation of the conference is given)

Dalgat E.M. Russia's role in the modernization of Dagestan peasant economy in the second half of the XIX- early XX centuries. Proceedings of the republican scientific and practical conference "Russia and Dagestan: the history of the centuries-old relationship and unity"; 2009 sep 13; Makhachkala. Makhachkala: Printing house of the Ministry of National Policy of the Republic of Dagestan, 2009:98-103 (In Rus).

11. Conference proceedings (translation of the conference is given)

Aglarov M.A. Imperial experience in the management of the North Caucasus (institutes of self-management in Dagestan). In. Matishov GG, editor. Systemic crisis in the North Caucasus and the state strategy for the development of the macroregion. Proceedings of the All-Russian Scientific Conference; 2011 sep 13-15; Rostov-on-Don. Rostov-on-Don : SSC RAS Press, 2011: 234-7. (In Rus).

12. Conference abstracts

Karmanova E.D. University charter of 1863 as a historical source. In: Mazur LN, editor. A document in modern society: between the past and the future: Conference abstracts X All-Russian Student Scientific; 2017 ap 7-8; Ekaterinburg. Ekaterinburg : Publishing house of Ural Universiti, 2017:288-90 (In Rus). Available on:

13. Dissertations (deposited and available for view)

Gadziev MM. National policy and the interethnic consent in Post-Soviet Dagestan: experience and problems: dissertation. Makhachkala; 2008:200 (In Rus). Available from:

Kemper M. Sufis und Gelehrte in Tatarien und Baschkirien, 1789 - 1889 : der islamische Diskurs unter russischer Herrschaft: dissertation. Berlin : Schwarz, 1998:518. (In German)

14. Verbatim reports, collection of documents, chrestomathies

Speech Paizulayeva GG. In. Congress of the peoples of Dagestan;1992 nov 13-14; Verbatim report. Makhachkala : Dagestan book publishing house, 1995:276-8 (In Rus).

Decision of the Rostov Regional Executive Committee of the CPSU on the evacuation of orphanages in the Rostov region. Kirichenko AM, .Venkov AV, Dzhuzhuyev NG, Ivasenko ТB, Kononykhina SD, Levendorskoya LV, Lukyashenko EP, Martynenko VYu., Tsyhno VN, Chumakova NA. editors; Averyanov AV, Beloborodova IV, Vasilyeva LF, Gaponova LS, Glushchenko NE, Gorshkova LYa., Emelianenko NYa., Enina IA, Koroleva AV, Martynova LV, Stepanenko NA, Taktarova EV, Tanyushina EV, compliers. Rostov Region - 70 years (1937-2007): Collection of documents. Rostov-on-Don: First printing house of ARO, 2007:43-4. (In Rus).

Abolition of the Chechen-Ingush Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic and the transformation of the Crimean Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic in the Crimean region In. Kisilev AF, Shchagin EM, editors. Chrestomathy on the recent history of Russia, 1917-2004, Pt.2. Moscow : Drofa, 2005:31-2. (In Rus).

 Oter published Materials (in footnotes)

15. Newspaper articles

Isaeva Z. Meeting of Rectors of the North Caucasus Federal District. Svobodnaya respublika: rossiyskiy obshchestvenno-politicheskiy yezhenedelnik. 2018 December 18;(512):18. (In Rus).

Jackson B. The Caucasus connection. The Irish Times. 2003 Jan 25:2.

16. Legislative documents

Federal Law of Russian Federation №323-F3 of 21 November 2011. «Ob osnovakh okhrany zdorov'ya grazhdan Rossiiskoi Federatsii». Available from: (In Rus).

Veterans Hearing Loss Compensation Act of 2002, Pub. L. No. 107–9, 115 Stat. 11 (May 24, 2001).

Healthy Children Learn Act, S. 1012, 107th Cong., 1st Sess. (2001).

Arsenic in Drinking Water: An Update on the Science, Benefits and Cost: Hearing Before the Subcomm. on Environment, Technology and Standards of the House Comm. on Science, 107th Cong., 1st Sess. (Oct. 4, 2001).

17. Maps

Pratt B, Flick P, Vynne C, cartographers. Biodiversity hotspots [map]. Washington: Conservation International; 2000.

18. Vocabularies, textbooks, encyclopedias

Dorland's illustrated medical dictionary. 29th ed. Philadelphia: W.B. Saunders; Filamin, 2000:675.

 Unpublished Materials

19. Documents from archives and manuscript funds

Kupriyanov SZ. Reproducibility of provocative tests with glucagon. Problemy of Endocrinologii. 2014 (in press). (In Rus). Tian D, Araki H, Stahl E, Bergelson J, Kreitman M. Signature of balancing selection in Arabidopsis. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. Forthcoming 2002.

20. Author’s field data, surveys and interviews

Field ethnographic material of the author (FEMA) (recording 2011) Magomedov Zirema Inzrelovna, born in 1970, with. Sugden, the Shelkovskiy district of the Chechen Republic. (In Rus).

A sociological survey was conducted in 12 rural areas and 5 cities of the Republic of Dagestan on the initiative and with the financial support of the Committee for Youth Affairs of the Republic of Dagestan. 2013; Project-855.

21. Author’s abstracts and dissertations (manuscripts without electronic version)

Kupriyanov SZ. Reproducibility of provocative tests with glucagon. Problemy of Endocrinologii. 2014 (in press). (In Rus).

 Electronic Materials

22. Web pages

Schneider A. Ethnogaphy of the Caucasus peoples update [Internet].; 2003. [updated 2017 Aug 17]. Available from:

Dixon R. The hospitality drew me back: the joy of the Caucasus [Internet]. The Guardian; 2017 Aug 25. [updated 2017 Aug 17]. Available from:

Evans M. Grozny's makeover can't mask Chechen menace. [Internet]. CBC News; 2013 Feb 11. [updated 2018 Jul 9]. Available from: