The article attempts to show the transformation of the Russian military fortification Petrovskoye on the coast of the Caspian Sea into a large industrial center of the Dagestan region and consider the role of the seaport in its economic and economic development. The Petrovskoe fortification was a transshipment base for cargo arriving by sea from Astrakhan for the Russian army fighting in Dagestan. The development of sea trade between Astrakhan, Baku and Petrovsk after the latter received the status of a city is considered. The role of Petrovsk in international trade in the Caspian Sea is shown.
The materials of the funds of the State Historical Archives of the Republic of Azerbaijan, which are introduced into scientific circulation for the first time, were also involved as new sources.
When writing the article, the methods of historicism and objectivity were used. Petrovsk and its seaport are shown in development, in the context of the involvement of Dagestan in the economic life of the empire. The article objectively examines the development of maritime navigation on the western coast of the Caspian Sea in the second half of the 19th - early 20th centuries using a variety of factual material.
It is noted that steamers appeared to replace sailing ships in the Caspian. Shown is the place occupied by the Petrovsky port among the ports of Russia in the Caspian. The assortment of goods brought to Petrovsk by sea and exported from it is investigated. It is emphasized that the appearance of a textile factory "Caspian Manufactory" in Petrovsk became possible thanks to the port. Its role has intensified with the construction of the Vladikavkaz railway. The article concludes that Petrovsk and its port contributed to the integration of Dagestan into the economic and economic space of the Russian Empire.

Elmira M. Dalgat

The Institute of History, Archeology and Ethnography of the Daghestan Federal Research Centre of Russian Academy of Sciences

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Russian Federation

Bio Statement: Doctor of History, Professor, Head of the Department of Modern and Recent History of Daghestan

Researcher focus: social and economic development of Daghestan of the XIX century .; penetration and development of capitalism in Daghestan; peasant and landlord economy; urban development in Daghestan; modernization processes in Daghestanian villages; transformation of the mentality of Daghestanis

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